In The Crownbeard Patch

The yellow crownbeard is in its full glory right now. A walk among the blossoms yields an interesting variety of insects. Here are just a few I saw today...

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An arcigera flower moth,

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a golden northern bumble bee (male),

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a red-banded hairstreak,

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and a cuckoo wasp, shining metallic green in the late afternoon sun.

Ain't life grand?
Sort of helps to balance all the bad news that fills the airwaves these days.
Take the time to go outside and look around - it's good for you ;)


Hugh said...

Such wonders! The bumblebee looks thumb-sized.

And the turtlet--it's so young you can see its belly button .

Your pictures make me smile.

Tom said...

Thing- Very cool. do you guys have alternifolia down there? Do you call it wingstem?


Jane said...

For the first time this summer the sun has decided to show it's face for the last few days and the garden has exploded with insects. I've been doing the exact same as you! just a few thousand miles apart... Jane

swamp4me said...

The bumble bee was thumb-sized - as big as the turtle as a matter of fact :) The fact that my pictures make you smile makes me smile. Thanks.

I've never seen alternifolia here, but I have seen it in the piedmont and mountains and wingstem was the name for it.

I'm glad you are getting some sun at last -- seems we have had nothing but sun here. Enjoy!