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Do you see them?
(You may have to click to enlarge the photo.)
Aren't they cute?
Yes, it's true, I am obsessed with green treefrogs.
No apologies.


Crowe said...

I can see them! They are gorgeous creatures. Please carry on being obsessed.

Floridacracker said...

I see them preclick!
Understandable obsession.

Anonymous said...

Yes, even without enlarging

Yes, they are adorable.

No, you don't need to apologize.

Hugh said...

Superb frogs. How could one not fill a camera with them?

pablo said...

I count three. Do I get a prize?

swamp4me said...

They are like little surprises tucked here and there out in the woods. Always a race to see who can spot them first.

It's nice to be understood :)

Thanks. And congrats on your house wren!

I'm afraid to count how many images of these guys I have. Seems I can't pass one without taking a shot.

Three!? I only see two. Now I'm gonna have to go back and look more closely.

Swamp Thing said...

On giant cane? Very interesting! What's the overstory?

swamp4me said...

Swamp Thing,
The overstory in that area could best be described as wet mixed hardwoods. There is Nyssa biflora, sweetgum, tulip poplar, some beech and holly.