A Hint of Fall

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It will be a while yet before the leaves change color, and when they do the colors will be subtle, lasting only a brief time. But if you look closely you can find a hint of the change to come.
The Virginia creeper is often the first to give us a glimpse of what's coming.

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caroline said...

Neat thing is I was out taking photos on Friday, of Virginia creeper and got some remarkably similar ones to what you took. Single red leaf juxtaposed against the green of other plants.
I'm in South Dakota, you're in North Carolina and we are seeing the same changes of the season. Cool.
Caroline in the Black Hills of SD

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Our first "tell tale" sign is the cypress needles browning, and then falling. That's already started to happen. And our "wet season" ends in the early part of October down here, a later end than northern Florida.

Pushesrb said...

I love when the leaves start changing...it's beautiful