Tiny Turtle Time

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I love this time of year, loads of baby reptiles cruising around. This little guy was on the pavement. The person who found it and brought it to me thought it was a bug until she picked it up. She had never seen such a tiny turtle.
It is a mud turtle hatchling, genus Kinosternon.


pablo said...

Sweet as it can be.

nina said...

I am in love!

Tom said...

I'm going to have to echo Nina here!


swamp4me said...

It was a cutie. When I let him go I wished him well -- it's a big world for such a tiny turtle.

The little ones do capture your heart, don't they? So tiny and so determined.

There is something compelling about babies, regardless of species -- well, maybe not the babies of altricial birds... ;)

Lynne said...

Oh, my...

swamp4me said...

He is an itty bitty fellow, isn't he?

Sarah said...

So cute and tiny! I've never seen a hatchling. I don't see two hinges on the plastron, though. Could it be a musk, genus Sternotherus?

Sarah said...

Hmm, ignore me, it looks like a mud...sorry! Still precious, I had no idea they were that tiny.