Catchin' Some Rays

Out in Treebeard's blueberry patch there was a party going on. Three turkey vultures were hanging out catching some rays from the morning sun. They'd hold their wings open for several minutes then close them up for a minute or two, shift position and open them back up. I watched them from the kitchen, knowing that if I opened the door and tried to sneak out on the porch they would take off. That's why you get a hazy picture for this Saturday - window screens are tough to focus through ;)
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When I finally did step out on the porch I managed to just raise my camera before all three vultures took off. I picked my way through the muddy yard to see if they left any prints behind. Only one that was sort of recognizable -- oh, well, maybe they'll be back...

I'm staying close to home today. Seems I have my second cold in just over a month. Guess my body is trying to make up for me having four cold-free years. But why, oh why, does it have to do so on my only days off?!? Now, if you will excuse me, I am going downstairs to brew yet another cup of tea.


Lynne said...

I loves me some turkey vultures.

Feel better.

swamp4me said...

They are awesome birds - under-appreciated by most, though :) Glad to know you are a fellow fan!

Floridacracker said...

Mrs. FC's vacation was almost completely taken over by a really bad coughy cold too.
Hope you feel better!

swamp4me said...

Thanks. Colds are no fun and the cough is about to do me in! Hope Mrs. FC is all better -- tell her I feel her pain ;)

Marvin said...

Thanks for the vultures. They are kind of scarce around here in mid-winter. Sorry about your cold and hope it is better soon.

swamp4me said...

No shortage of vultures here anytime of year. We have both turkey and black vultures in abundance.
I managed to go for a short walk yesterday afternoon in the swamp across the road from the house and guess what...I found two balloons in the woods! I'm telling you, it's epidemic :)

Woodduck said...

Up the river (Roanoke) the other day and saw a bunch in a field. I believe they were gleaning for peanuts.

swamp4me said...

I've seen vultures after peanuts before -- for some reason I find it amusing. Makes me think they are have appetizers before their main meal ;)