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While I was out, my cat Friday helped herself to the computer. Not only did she manage to open the browser, she initiated a Google search. Unfortunately for her, Google doesn't recognize words typed in Felinese.
Could be worse I guess. She could have done a little online shopping -- she has a serious love of fuzzy, catnip-filled toy mice. Oh, and superballs and ponytail holders and watchbands...
At least she left the keyboard intact this time.


KaHolly said...

How funny and how sweet! Makes me miss my darling kitty! They surely can make life interesting, can't they?

swamp4me said...

"interesting" is an understatement! My four are forever getting into mischief. But, I love them dearly.

denapple said...

Be sure you don't get a wireless mouse. You would never see it again with her around!

swamp4me said...

So true. She really is the smart one of the bunch.