Heart to Heart

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Virginia Heartleaf, Hexastylis virginica

Do you recall what the weather was like on January 31, 1980?
I recall quite clearly that we had ten inches of snow on the ground when I awoke that day.
Why would I happen to remember what the weather conditions were on a day some 29 years ago? The answer is simple, it was my wedding day.

Happy Anniversary, Treebeard. I love you.


Uncle Bear said...

Beautiful. The best to both of you. Together --- Forever,

Anonymous said...

29 years ago today I gained a younger sister and a wonderful addition to our family. Ratdog and I wish you and Treebeard the happiest of anniversaries.

Love, SIL

Ontario Wanderer said...

Congratulations to both of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
Isn't that plant displayed a wild ginger though, of the asarum species?


swamp4me said...

Uncle Bear,
Thank you. Together is our favorite way to be :)

It was a lucky day for me - I became part of a great family. Thanks for sharing your baby brother ;) Give Ratdog a kiss for me.


Bob W.,
It's in the same family, but of a different genus. Wild ginger is another common name for this plant, but unlike Asarum canadense, the leaves have no fragrance when crushed.

Bob W. said...

OK, thanks for the clarigfication. THere is a species of wild ginger, Asarum Shuttleworthi, I believe, that grows in the southeast and looks remarkably similar to that plant. A friend of mine who lived west of Chalep Hill NC had nice woods inhis back yard where I collected some and planted it in my old yard in Fayetteville.

Bob W


pushesrb said...

Happy belated Anniversary! You guys are the best, anyway. :) Tell Treebeard hello for Carmen, haha...and Happy Aniversary as well.

swamp4me said...


harttwins said...

"Congranulations" on your 29th. I can't believe it's been almost 30 years!

swamp4me said...

We feel all granulated, thank you. It doesn't seem like it's been 29 years.