Old Millpond

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Across the road and just through the woods, there is an old millpond. Yesterday's warmer temperatures and rainfall melted the ice that had covered the surface following Friday and Saturday's very cold temps. Today there were mallards, black ducks, and wood ducks swimming there. In the warmer months it's a good place to find a variety of snakes and turtles, including spotted turtles. It's always a good place to find an assortment of predators -- or at least evidence of them...

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This owl pellet was along the shore line of the old pond. Rodent teeth, long bones, and bird beaks give evidence of some of the small animals that live around the pond. Nearby there were a couple of bobcat scats containing hair and a few larger bones, most likely rabbit.

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I like knowing that across the road and just through the woods there is an old millpond...


Lee B said...

Ooh! Is this one of those "Can't see the swamp for the poo" types of poetic posts?!

Rurality said...

I'm just glad I'm not the only one taking pictures of poo. :)

KaHolly said...

Rurality, I have to agree with your there!!! Seems we keep good company.

swamp4me said...

Lee B,
Poo post, yes. Poetic? Not hardly ;)

I have a bit of a reputation for scat photos -- folks at work will come in and say things like, "There's a pile of poo down by the trailhead. I figured you'd want to take a picture."

Those of us who appreciate the tale a scat can tell must stick together! Perhaps we can start our own society ;)

Marvin said...

Do I see a Carnival of Scat in the future?

swamp4me said...

Would that be awesome? ;)