Dinner Table

It is a wonderful thing when young people seek out opportunities to learn about their homes. Yesterday we paddled the pond and swamp with two local teenagers who wanted to know more about the natural and cultural history of the pond and swamp. It was a very enjoyable day. They were interested in the things we showed them and very patient with our stories that always began, "One time, when we were paddling up through here..." And after nearly 31 years of paddling the pond, we have lots of stories!

I didn't have a chance to take a lot of pictures thanks to the fairly stiff breeze that blew all day. There are a few images that I'd like to share, though. We'll start with these three.

Out on the pond you run across some pretty unusual tree shapes from time to time. Yesterday we noticed a bald cypress with an interesting lump growing off one side. Some critter, most likely a raccoon, had used it as a dinner table / rest area. The turtle shell is from a little turtle called a stinkpot.

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Tom said...

What a neat find- It's been a while since I've seen a stinkpot in the wild, they are really interesting turtles. I bet they are pretty common down your way?


jozien said...

What a world!
I don't know if i told you before; but you live in a world, i have never seen in my life. Thanks for showing me around.

swamp4me said...

Stinkpots are very common here. They are such good little climbers -- it always makes me smile when I see or hear one drop from its basking perch on a tree trunk or shrub out on the pond.

I am very happy to share my world with you. Yours seems as exotic to me as mine does to you.