Welcoming Committee

As planned, Treebeard and I spent the day in the swamp with two very nice young men, both seniors at our county high school. It is my intention to post a few of the photos I took today throughout this week. For today, though, I will give you the last two photos of the day. When Treebeard and I pulled into the carport, four pairs of green eyes greeted us from the bedroom windows. The triplicats, Friday, Weasel, and Smidgen in one window and Wicket, aka Wiki, in the other.


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KaHolly said...

Great beginning! I love cats. I become so attached, that I'm now cat-less, because I can't take it when they grow old and leave me. (This happens when you age!) Now I look forward to hearing about your trek through the swamp with the kids.

Dani said...

That's so cute!

swamp4me said...

I have had quite a few cats over the years and yes, it is incredibly sad when they pass on. But what joy they bring while they are with me!

They are cuties. They are very playful and have very distinct personalities.