You Lookin' at Me?

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It was a one-snake walk yesterday with just a lone Black Racer out catching a few rays. Conditions were sunny but cool, enabling me to get pretty close to him. Usually these snakes make a quick exit if you get too close. This one never even poked his tongue out at us.

As it has turned out to be a busy weekend around here the posts I had planned will just have to wait. Right now I have to go start a fire in the fire pit -- we're roasting oysters tonight! Shrimp and freshwater fish are also on the menu, so I'd best get busy!


Pablo said...

Still a little early for snakes in Missouri.

jozien said...

Oh my, still a little early says Pablo, well he is lucky there is an early or late, I have never even seen a wild, life snake!

swamp4me said...

All it takes is a couple of warm days around here. I've seen snakes out in January.

Wow, never seen a snake in the wild...they are so common here it's hard for me to imagine that!