Last Ones

Here are the last of the photos taken on the swamp trip last weekend that I'll share with you. We ended our day with a fine, fat gator and a "turtlebow". The young men had a good time and us old folks had a good time. Who could ask for more?

(Hey, FC, do you think that gator is a female?)

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Lynne said...

Love the turtle-bow!
(sorry gator...)

Tom said...

Such wonderful habitat and totally different than anything we have anywhere in Ohio.


swamp4me said...

The turtle-bow is my favorite of the two, as well.

It is a very interesting place to explore. Perhaps one of these days you can come down with your wife and son and explore it for yourself. You really need to camp out when the frogs are singing!

jozien said...

Awesome! both pictures.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I have been enjoying your blog for about four months. I visit occasionally and really enjoy your pictures and findings. Thank you.

swamp4me said...

They were two nice things with which to end a day of paddling. The turtle bow is the one that made me smile, though.

Welcome and thanks for the comment. I'm glad you enjoy the blog.

NatureGirl said...

The Turtlebow is GREAT!!! We just don't see many turtles here - I miss them. We get snappers when they are out laying, and if lucky we see wood turtles when they are out laying, but no painted turtles, no spotted turtles - no turtles basking in the sun on logs. :(

swamp4me said...

No shortage of turtles here, that's for sure. Of course, we don't have such exotic beasties as porcupines and red squirrels ;)