Proper Punctuation

This is an Eastern Comma, Polygonia comma, one of the anglewing butterflies. It gets its name from a small, silvered mark on the ventral surface of its hind wing. Unfortunately, this particular butterfly refused to fold its wings sufficiently for me to get a shot of the comma.


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One seldom sees one of these butterflies nectaring. They prefer other fare...tree sap, rotten fruit, scat, and carrion, for example. They overwinters as adults so it is not unusual to see this species out and about on warm winter days.


jozien said...

Ah, now there is something i recognize, we have green commas here. They hybernate here too, and come out in May. Amazing.

Anonymous said...


It would appear that your butterflies are rebeling and being bad since they won't pose for you. Looks like spring is coming in your neck of the woods. Like the post about the battery, another reason for walking woods and cleaning up human debris. The most superior species on the planet is the most stupid.


swamp4me said...

I've never seen the green comma, eastern is the only one we have.

It is sad when butterflies go bad...
It's amazing the amount of junk you can find in the woods. When marked the location of the battery and plan to go back in and get it soon. There was also an old glass gallon jug nearby -- whatcha wanna bet there was a still out there somewhere?

swamp4me said...

That should read "We marked..." I don't know who that When character is!