Lead Poisoning?

Sometimes when you're out walking in a place you have walked for the past thirty years you run across things you have overlooked for all those years. Case in point, this battery. Years ago these woods were logged and farmed. This battery was probably left here sometime back in the late '70s. I imagine we have passed near it numerous times without seeing it. We noticed it this time and bent to take a closer look...something's been gnawing on it. Squirrel, perhaps?


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pablo said...

We carried whole bags of trash our of our woods at Fallen Timbers when we first started going there. I think the site may have once been the local dump, but the loggers left behind plenty of mechanical trash too: machine parts, oil cans, etc. It's a different ethic.

who wouda thunk it?? said...

I believe those marks are more likely left by jumper cables. I know squirrels are ,we.. "squireely" but I hope not goofy enough to chew on lead

swamp4me said...

We find lots of odd things way out in the woods. I guess folks thought it was just too much trouble to haul out their junk.

Nope. They are definitely rodent toothmarks. There were more on the corners of the housing of the battery. In my experience, squirrels are goofy enough to chew on just about anything ;)