From 15 feet away


SquirrleyMojo said...


swamp4me said...

I was sort of surprised at the detail. Guess I'm used to digital zoom. But this image was clear enough for me to make a postive ID. There is another butterfly, the Question Mark, that is quite similar and can be confused with the Comma -- sometimes we just lump them into the "punctuation butterflies" and let it go at that.

Maybe with this optical zoom I will finally be able to get you a picture of a bear :)

Wayne said...

Those are excellent shots taken from so far away. Do you have any problems focussing?

Also, are you using a tripod?

I'm really impressed. My poor little Nikon Coolpix 990 has decided to stop cooperating with me. I'm searching for a repair venue (hahahah - it's five years old, wanna lay a bet on whether there's any repair available? "Just throw it away and buy another one".), but I'm also kindof looking around for a second camera. We cannot survive here long without a camera!