Lady Bug...This is for You

Seven-spot ladybug. Posted by Hello

Good luck on your exams!


Anvilcloud said...

This is so wonderful. Thank you. I think you are also opening up another world for me. From now on, I will pay more attention to the micro world that is all around me. I so much appreciate landscapes and such, but now I see that there is another world out there.

happyandblue2 said...

I really like this picture..

chryscat said...

We all know I cannot even begin to compete with all your beautiful photography. But the next time a herd of these babies flies through, I may have to take a picture. We're in the migration flight pattern. And these little buggers love to stay and ride the ceiling fans.

swamp4me said...

I'm glad you like the picture. It was taken last October.

We are usually overrun by ladybugs in the early spring. They over-winter beneath the clapboards of our house and then emerge inside one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Anonymous said...

Gasp. Aw.
Ladybugs are my favorite.

What type of camera are you using?

I guess I am reduced to mentioning a potential book on almost every post . . . :-)
For children? K-1. Little tidbits of info? I don't believe children are emerged into science early enough.


swamp4me said...

I use an Olympus C-5000Z. I like it because it has a macro-zoom and it wasn't terribly expensive.

Cuppa said...

Your pictures are exquisite. I look at them over and over again and enjoy them just as much on the second and third and forth viewing. Thank you for this most wonderful blog. It is one of my favorite spots in blogdom.

I must ask you if you read Mary Oliver poetry. Each time I look at your photos I feel like I am reading her poetry in pictures instead of words. Yes, beautiful poetry written with your camera.

swamp4me said...

Thank you, Cuppa. I am glad you enjoy the pictures.

I have never read any Mary Oliver poetry, but I will make a point to do so.

Cuppa said...

I was going to recommend one Mary Oliver book, but just have to give you three -
"The Leaf and Cloud",
"Owls and other Fantasies"
"What Do We know"

I thought I would scan through the books and send you a snippet of a poem. That was a long time ago and here I sit lost in her poetry. I am having trouble picking just one small piece.

I must send you a little morsel though. Hmmm? What shall it be? Ok, this is from "The Leaf and Cloud" -

"...It may be the rock in the field is a song.
And it may be the ears of corn swelling under their green sleeves are also songs.
And it may be the river glancing and leaning against the dark stones is also a deliberate music.
So I will write my poem, but I will leave room for the world.
I will write my poem tenderly and simply, but
I will leave room for the wind combing the grass,
for the feather falling out of the grouse's fan-tail, and fluttering down, like a song..."

That's it, you capture that song with your camera.