Morning dispute at the feeder.  Posted by Hello


chryscat said...

They are so beautiful! But man, can they be mean when sugar water is involved. *grinning*
My mom puts out LOTS of feeders on her porch. And they will talk and talk to each other (sounds like they're arguing) until they're done eating.

Cuppa said...

We have lots of hummers visit us up at the farm, and I never tire of watching them. Such amazing creatures in such tiny packages.

I was shocked to see how mean they can be with each other though. They waste more energy shooing each other off the feeder than they do feeding some days.

I read two great books written by Arnette Heidcamp, a lady who nurses sick hummers back to health in her home. One is called "A Hummingbird in my house. The story of Squeak" and the other is "Hummingbirds: my winter guests."

I highly recommend both books.