The pink lady's slippers (Cypripedium acaule) are just beginning to bloom. Posted by Hello

The flower will become more pink as it ages.


Rurality said...

Oh oh oh oh oh. Do you think that if I wish hard enough I'll find these in my woods?! I keep looking but so far no luck.

By the way, I'm requesting that you post instructions on how to do spore prints on your blog! :)

Wayne said...

Oh yes yes yes! I've got to run out into the pine woods today and see if ours are flowering! It was an exciting day five years ago when I was just wandering around and suddenly there were a couple dozen acaules flowering - I had run across a colony of them. Since that time I see them coming up every year but there have been no flowers.

Since we're making requests, I'd like to hear Swamp4me expound on her history of accumulating all this knowledge of natural history and identification. It's impressive.

swamp4me said...

Wayne, I hold a degree in biology and am a certified environmental educator.

As far as my knowledge of natural history and identification, I'm afraid it is limited to what is in my own backyard! Fortunately for me, my "backyard" is comprised of almost 4000 acres of swamp, woods, fields, and a sizeable pond.

My husband and I have spent the past 25 years prowling around our backyard, identifying and cataloging species of plants, animals, fungi, and whatever else we find. We have gathered a fairly extensive library of guides and taxonomic keys over the years and are fortunate to have a circle of knowledgeable friends with similar interests.

What I know is a mere drop in the bucket. Each day that I go out I find something new to learn about. And now I have your site to help me broaden my knowledge!