Spadefoot toad looking peeved. Posted by Hello


Cuppa said...

I never really thought about a frog looking peeved, but this one sure does! What a hoot!

chryscat said...

You weren't kidding, were you?
Man, if looks could kill. *grinning*
I'm assuming this picture was taken after you showed his business to the world. LOL
That frog also has some big ol' biceps. Good thing he doesn't have opposable thumbs, or you would be in trouble.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I think he's spotted a nice lady frog on the other side of that hole and he's just smitten.

Sam said...

I just found your website the other day while browsing blogs. It's an amazing site. You take beautiful pictures and your passion for nature is certainly contagious! I look forward to checking back often and learning about the many critters that live in North Carolina!