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Sometimes the pond can be a little cryptic...apparently the number nine holds some significance we can't fathom ;)

We popped down to the pond yesterday afternoon to see if the little hummers had fledged. The nest was empty with no sign of trauma, so we have high hopes that the little ones are out there catching insects and sipping nectar. Be safe, little hummers.

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Tupelo gum, Nyssa aquatica.


Anonymous said...

"9" is the loneliest number .... no one understands it.

swamp4me said...

So true, Wren. So true.

nina said...

I worry for my little hummer mama. I've watched her weather some terrific storms, and she hangs in there!
Today--the first baby hatched!!!!

swamp4me said...

You have a treat in store. It is a trip to watch baby hummers. Wait till you see them handle waste disposal. They back their little behinds up to the edge of the nest and shoot a stream. Impressive stuff :)

Marvin said...

I'm thinking Stephen King should be contacted about the mysterious swamp numerology. There's probably an entire book hiding beneath the surface.

Best wishes for the hummers.