Skink Heaven

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Yesterday, while checking a trail we've been working on in the work swamp, I startled four honking big skinks who were enjoying the sunshine in the newly cleared path. "Honking big" is a technical term, don't you know ;)
Most appeared to be broadhead skinks, Eumeces laticeps. We have three species of Eumeces in the work swamp and sometimes you need to hold 'em in your hand to positively ID them. Unfortunately, these lizards are quick on their feet and head for thick cover when they see you. Surprisingly, I was able to zoom in on the one in the picture after she scurried off the path.

Hugh, over at Rock Paper Lizard, tells me that the genus for these lizards is now Plestiodon. Thanks to Hugh for keeping me current!


Anonymous said...

No picture. How can Ratdog and I keep up with your observations if we can't see the pictures. By the way, the green roof on the house looks wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished house.

Ratdog misses her auntie and uncle.


swamp4me said...

Egads! Blogger has eaten the picture. It was there earlier...I promise. Tell Ratdog her auntie is sorry and will remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Crowe said...

Hello! I'm so glad you found me again! I can see the skink, 'e's on the log 'e is.

Hugh said...

He's a very handsome skink. I did my doctoral research on these guys (all three species), and yes they are very difficult to tell apart in the field. It's nice to see a live one -- most of my studies were of museum specimens. By the way, North American Eumeces have been moved to the genus Plestiodon.

swamp4me said...

crowe! welcome...i've missed you so.

thanks. i'll make a note of the change. wish those taxonomists would leave stuff alone after i learn it the first time ;)