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This fellow appears to be a cooter...genus Pseudemys. I'm having a little trouble working him down to species though. His characteristics are proving difficult to key out. He keeps coming out betwixt and between species. Hybrid, perhaps?

But, no matter what, he sure has a pretty face.


Uncle Bear `;-)) said...

It appears the cooter is keeping a weather eye on you. Just give her lots of love, and she'll be fine.

Uncle Bear `;-))

woverman said...

I just thought I would let you know that I saw your new house in person today! We decided at work we would go down a road we had never been down... and what do you know... there's your house! Pictures are nice but I like it better in person! :-)

The surroundings are very fitting for you too!

Susan said...

I agree! This turtle is beautiful.