On Edge

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I stood at the boundary line and watched the smoke. The fire is still a mile or so away from our boundary and thus far the winds have been in our favor. There are no homes nearby, just swamp. About 1000 acres have burned -- not necessarily a bad thing. The swamp needs fire from time to time. But still, it's hard to think of the animals out there losing their homes (at least temporarily), if not their lives. Plus, the smoke is killer.

Please keep the fire crews in mind. There are about 100 people working this incident. To our south another fire continues to burn. Over 300 people are working that one. It's hot, dirty, dangerous work. If you have some to spare, send positive energy this way...

A couple of other smoke views from a distance.
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woverman said...

We were working up that way the other day and we decided we couldn't work in the smokiness and the smell of it. We had to head to a different county and do some of our work there. Hope things continue to go well where you are!

Uncle Bear `;-)) said...

In my case, please keep me as informed as possible.I'm located 45-50 miles NW of Charlotte, and I can't recall hearing anything about your neck of the woods. (Swamp). The only forest fire I had an involvment with was the Yellowstone one in '88. And then it was the lack of visiliby from 300 miles away.

Uncle Bear `;-))

Melody said...

Seems a little too close for comfort. Hope it is contained soon. I feel sad for all the life affected. Feel especially close since I began reading this blog a couple of years ago. Positive thoughts coming your way from the Outer Banks!

swamp4me said...

The smoke is tough. We've been caught between the two fires. If we aren't getting smoked by the Evans Rd. fire, then we catch it from the South One fire.

uncle bear,
The news tends to ignore the eastern part of the state. I think as far as the Charlotte stations go, NC stops at Raleigh. I can say that since I am originally from Charlotte ;)

The flames are not close to any human structures yet but there are plenty of critters being displaced. Thanks for the positive thoughts! We can sure use the extra energy.