Increasing Radio Reception, Swamp Style

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Hey Swampy, can you hear 'em now?

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How about now?


Another crazy hot day here. People get a little strange when the temperatures go up. I had my radio on scan and picked up all sorts of interesting calls.
Luckily, things were relatively calm at the work swamp...but we've got to keep our eyes and ears open. There is another wildfire out there, this one closer and to our north.
Keep your fingers crossed that we get some rain soon.


Susan said...

Great photography!

Dragonflies are perfectly dainty... in a stealth helicopter sort of way.

swamp4me said...

Thanks, Susan. Dragonflies are my favorite insects. I am particularly fond of them when they pluck those aggravating biting flies from my air space :)

Rurality said...

Love those pics. Hope you get some rain. Hope we do too. :)

swamp4me said...

Rain would be most welcome here and for you, too. I just hope there isn't too much lightning or wind associated with any precip we might get...

Anonymous said...

Your dragonflies photos are as georgious as dragonflies themselves!
And btw you are always welcome to take our rain for a couple of months. I wish it stops and we have a warmer weather here. )

Anonymous said...

Swampy-I'm trying to get through to tell you that as usual I am stunned by another of your photo's. These shots leave me in awe! I just wish I could get some like this. Talked a long time with SIL and Ratdog the other day. Love the pics of the new house, know you're anxious to get moved in. Hope your area gets rain and that you don't get called into fire duty! Mainiac

Marvin said...

Super photos. Here's hoping y'all get more rain and less high temps.

swamp4me said...

Yes! Please send us some rain and cooler temps :) Glad you like the photos.

Great to hear from you! Have you arrived at our second favorite spot on earth yet? SIL told me you were late getting up there this year. The fire is still burning, so fire duty is a real possibility...

Thanks for the compliment and the water wishes. We need rain badly.

Anonymous said...

You've been busy!!

You are a blogger again--wow, I hope to be one soon.

Yes, these photos are fabulous.

swamp4me said...

I have resolved to blog -- even if all I do is post a picture or two. It's nice to be back to blogging.

Melody said...

Beautiful! Your titles are fun too!