Identity Crisis

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Those sure don't look like hummingbird tail feathers to me...

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Aha! I thought so. It's a juvenile downy woodpecker pretending to be a hummingbird.

A juvenile red-bellied woodpecker has also been visiting the hummer feeders.

Kids -- just after a sugar fix ;)


pablo said...

I saw a photo of bats visiting a hummingbird feeder too. Amazing the things you can see when you just look.

Hope you're doing well, Swampy.

Floridacracker said...

I hope that feeder is not filled with one of those new energy drinks that all the kids seem to crave lately!
If so, prepare for some serious head banging on your new house!

Uncle Bear `;-)) said...

Dear Miss Swamp4me,
Ma'am, I was told I shouldn't make so many comments. I'm sorry if I'm out of line. This is my first blog, and I don't know what I'm doing. I even have a friend who says at my age of 68 I shouldn't be on the computer. I don't want to bother you, I just like your pictures.


swamp4me said...

It truly is amazing what we can see if we just take the time to look. And I'm doing well. The fire continues to burn on our boundary and I am very busy with that and with my other duties but all is well.

Yeah, that's all I need...a hopped up woodpecker ;) Luckily, there is nothing in that feeder but the standard 4:1 water/sugar mixture.

Uncle Bear,
Your comments are always welcome! And tell your friend that 68 is a fine age to be on the computer. You are not bothering me at all. I am very happy that you enjoy this blog. Please continue to visit and leave your comments.

Melody said...

Ha ha...Floridacracker is very funny!

swamp4me said...

yep, FC is a hoot! I always enjoy his comments.