Groovin' In The Grass

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Yep, it's hot out there...but these eastern tailed-blues (Everes comyntas)don't seem to mind. The female will go on to oviposit on flower buds of various legumes such as vetches and clovers. When the larvae hatch they will munch out on the flowers and seeds of the hostplants.

And no, despite the fact I have posted two, uh, gettin' busy pictures in a row, this isn't turning into one of those blogs ;)

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For the past few days we have had a visitor on the carport. This black rat snake has been hanging around -- sometimes on the back door, sometimes on the electrical box beside the back door, and sometimes on the grape arbor. He is very calm for the most part, even though he does vibrate the end of his tail if you get too close. So far he hasn't discovered the wren nest in the backpack hanging on the shop light out there. We'll keep our fingers crossed that he doesn't find it, but if he does...well, a snake's gotta eat, too.


Hugh said...

What a great snake (and neat photo of it). The heat down your way is getting the ectotherms all worked up! Here the sun is finally out and it's still only 56 degrees. Trade some warm for some cool?

themanicgardener said...

It is a wonderful post. I love the tolerance you folks show, in sharing your living space--well, your garage--with a snake.

swamp4me said...

Believe me, if we could send you some of this warm air, we would! It is supposed to be in the upper 90s today with a heat index of around 110.

Thanks. We like snakes and don't mind having them hang around. Of course, my cats prefer that the snake stay outside -- they get all twitchy if one comes in to explore ;)

Bird said...

Gorgeous butterfly shot! And the black rat snake is handsome too. I'd LOVE to see a snake in my garden, but here in London that's only going to happen if someones pet escapes!

swamp4me said...

Thanks. Snakes are pretty common around here. That makes most people very nervous. It just makes us happy.

Marvin said...

Tell the black snake to go find some nice fat mice and leave the baby birds along. (I've tried this; it doesn't work.)

swamp4me said...

I think the snake did just that. The birds are doing well and the snake has moved on.

Woodduck said...

The birds were lucky, this time.

I recently found your place, here. You are doing a wonderful blog!

I'll be back, if nothing happens.

...happy trails.