Battered, But Beautiful

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Box turtles hold a special appeal for me. For many years now I have kept a photographic record of the ones that live in the home swamp. It is always a pleasure to come across one of "my" turtles, especially if it's been several years since I have seen a particular individual. The turtle above was first found and photographed back in July of 2004. She was quite distinctive because of the obvious trauma she had suffered at some point in her life. Treebeard found her again last Friday and remembered that she was one of mine. He brought her to the house so I could see her. She is still in great shape and quite perky. I updated her photo and took her back to where Treebeard found her.

Live long and prosper, Lucky One.

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Anonymous said...

Miss, I live six blocks from my hometown's center, so I don't get to see the things you do. Your photos of wild things are very special to me. I especailly enjoyed the box turtle.Through your lens I live in both the swamp and city at the same time. Not bad for a guy who's 68 years old.Thanks.
Uncle Bear `;-))

pablo said...

Still, OUCH!

Susan said...

Hi. I'm so curious about Treebeard. Who is he, and is there a story behind the name?

I like turtles too. Any kind.

swamp4me said...

Uncle Bear,
Thank you so much. Your kind words mean the world to me and I am so glad you enjoy your visits here. Come back often. I'll do my best to have something to show you.

I know. We couldn't believe that this turtle had survived at all. One of those breaks goes right across her spine. Tough little scrapper, this one!

Treebeard is my husband and my best friend. He has been a park ranger for over 30 years and has a tremendous love, understanding, and
respect for nature. I dubbed him 'Treebeard' on my blog because the name seemed to fit...and yes, he does have a beard!

nina said...

I love box turtles and come across them less often than I'd like.
I wonder what her trauma had been--it certainly looks horrid.
So glad you continue to find her doing well.
Live long!