Saturday Morning

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I shared the trail with a very pretty ratsnake. He was unusual in that he retained a good bit of his juvenile markings despite his large size.

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Skinkus interruptus...accidentally disturbed a pair of skinks that may have been getting ready to get to know each other a little better. This is the female; the red-headed male scampered off when I got too close.

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Treebeard is showing you this male turtle's long front claws. Male sliders use their impressive nails to stroke the face of females they hope to, uh, persuade...

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Damsel in distress, but the robber fly is happy.

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Lichen-covered bump on a limb cuddles a couple of pea-sized hummingbird eggs.
Mom is off feeding.

Fire update:

Over 1500 acres now
Creeping closer
Over 200 people working the fire
Lots of smoke


tai haku said...

lovely ratsnake!

Uncle Bear `;-)) said...

Please keep us out West informed. Our local channels give us two sentences and a photo. Are the Red Wolves in any danger? Can you somehow show us a map of the fire area? Any information will be very much appreciated.
Good photos this go-round.

Uncle Bear `;-))

swamp4me said...

tai haku,
Glad you like the snake. He was very lovely indeed.

uncle bear,
The Evans Rd. fire is down in Hyde, Tyrell, Washington, and perhaps a part of Dare counties. It's over 40,000 acres now. If you go to the inciweb site link on the next post you can see a map. The map of the South One fire will come up with the Evans Rd. maps -- I don't know why there isn't a separate incident for it.
Wildlife is taking a pretty big hit to our south -- haven't heard anything specific regarding the red wolves though.
Overall, fire can be a good thing in the ecosystems around here. These fires are just coming at a bad time as far as nesting and offspring rearing go.