A Favored Tabletop

Rising from the leaf litter and topped with a cushiony layer of moss, this stump shows evidence of being a favorite place to dine for at least a couple of woodland residents.

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A squirrel has used this spot to dine on pine nuts, as evidenced by the dismantled pine cones. Stumps and dead logs are often decorated in such a manner by squirrels.
The feathers, most likely from a blue-headed vireo, indicate that a hawk also found this tabletop to its liking.


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The weather here continues to moderate - thank goodness! Today's highs are expected to reach the upper 50s with a good shot at 60. Our "normal" high temps for this time of year are in the upper 40s. Evidently, we aren't doing "normal" this year ;)


jason said...

Very cool find! It's neat that it's used by such different animals. What a fascinating sense of commonality...

Ellen Rathbone said...

What beautiful feathers.

Anonymous said...

I find numerous spots in the woods around where I live, where animals have stopped to feed. I have a few hawks around in the woods here and often enough, I find spots similar to these, where I find tuffs of squirrel and rabbit fur. Every so often I also find a scattering of feathers also. One thing is for sure, the hawks are not going hungry this winter, LOL!

swamp4me said...

That squirrel better be glad his reservation was at a different time than the hawk's -- otherwise it would have been a very different tableau ;)

They were quite beautiful. We probably wouldn't have seen them if they had been in the leaf litter instead of on the "tabletop."

All these little spots have tales to tell...a quick death for one creature and a full belly for another.