More From Sunday's Walk

Sunday yielded the first green treefrog of 2010. He was under a log down by the water's edge. We took a quick peek and left him alone...isn't he the cutest thing?

There were several green frogs sitting in the sun. This one jumped in the water as we passed. Treebeard saw which direction it went and plucked it out of the stream. It didn't seem to mind sitting in his warm hand for a moment.
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As the week wears on I will be sharing a few more pictures from Sunday's walk.


Floridacracker said...

Two fine frogs.

KaHolly said...

He certainly IS green! Oh, you just don't know what you do to me! You make me pine away for spring, that's all. It will be so long before the daily treks to the vernal pool begin and life in the forest begins to stir. But really, I'm not complaining. Keep it coming!! ~karen

jason said...

Frogs? No way! You never show frogs. I'm shocked. Shocked, I say.

(They're awfully doggone cute!)

swamp4me said...

It was quite the surprise wasn't it, seeing frogs on my blog?!?

swamp4me said...

Very fine, indeed. As are all frogs!

We're supposed to get chilly here this coming weekend - even an outside chance of snow - so these may be the last frogs for a week or two.

ramblingwoods said...

I love frogs and I am going to try to participate in FrogWatch this spring. Last year it rained a lot and it was hard to hear anything...Michelle

swamp4me said...

FrogWatch is fun. I hope you have better weather this spring.