Uncooperative Grebe

Late this afternoon, down by the bridge, a pied-billed grebe was teasing me. It would swim close when I didn't have my camera and then when I'd get my camera, it swam just out of range. Now you know that little bird was doing it on purpose, don't you? ;)

The least blurry of all my blurry shots...

A lot of the shots ended up being of ripples on the water as the grebe dived...
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But, as you can tell from this shot, the little sucker was hard to see when it did pop up!
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Oh well, I had fun watching it and that's all that really matters.


KaHolly said...

I do believe it WAS toying with you! Can you just imagine what IT was thinking throughout this encounter?

Floridacracker said...

I firmly believe there are no cooperative grebes.

They do the same thing to me.

jason said...

I had to laugh. That second photo represents the majority of my pied-billed grebe pictures. As FC said, they're not particularly cooperative.

Woodswoman Extraordinaire: said...

Those encounters are so exasperating, but for some strange reason they give me respect for the elusive bird, whatever variety it may be. Sometimes it seems like they have a sense of humor and are chuckling at my frustration!

swamp4me said...

I'm sure it was getting a good laugh out of the whole thing!

I know. You just don't expect such behavior in something so small and cute.

If I had had time earlier in the day I think I may have managed to get a decent shot -- but work had other plans for me.

I probably should have just switched my camera to video to avoid the frustration that this little cutie caused. I can still hear it chuckling at me... ;)