Frisky Whitetails

Across the canal, high on the bank, there was much frolicking in the late afternoon sun.



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Woodswalker said...

Such beautiful creatures!

KaHolly said...

This is where it all makes sense.

jason said...

How delightful! I love all that cute energy spilling out all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Swampy-This looks like a youngster sassing a parent! Notice the laid back ears of the larger deer! But if it's as cold in NC as it is in Texas I'd be running around too just to keep warm. Four nights in the 20's. Ice in the marsh. Maineiac

swamp4me said...

They are beautiful, but this particular "herd" has a tendency to eat the landscape plantings that I nurtured through the summer.

These particular deer are very popular with visitors. They are anything but timid and don't mind putting on a show. In the summer, Mama will even nurse her fawns out on the lawn :)

There are two little ones and they are very energetic - quite given to "fits" ;)

Oh yes, there is plenty of sassing going on with those little one. I think Mama Doe managed to have two little bucks this year and they are quite the handful. And yes, it is cold here, too!

sweet bay said...

Very cute! Fuzzy too, they look ready for winter. Those were late season babies, weren't they? It seems like by this time of year it's hard to tell the babies from mom.

swamp4me said...

sweet bay,
The deer are quite fuzzy these days. I guess their all fluffed up to help insulate against the crazy cold we've been experiencing for days on end!

swamp4me said...

Yikes! "...their all fluffed up..." Who wrote that and put it under my name? "...they're..."