Outside and Happy

Didn't need gloves, didn't need a hat, didn't even need a jacket :) Finally feel a little thawed out. All of you northern types have my utmost respect -- how on earth do you stand the cold for days and weeks and months on end?!?

Our walk today yielded yet another potter wasp pot. I've seen loads of these over the past few months.
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The millpond had more open water today. The ice is still thick in some parts, but it's patchy.

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There were a fair number of insects moving today. The bluebirds were patrolling the yard and experiencing a pretty good catch rate. Sadly, my pictures of the birds didn't turn out. Instead I managed to photograph a sluggish stink bug that was meandering down the sidewalk. ;)

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Anonymous said...

The mill pond looks inviting. I could spend hours there on a warm day as it has been here too, doing photomacrography (macro photography). I have only seen evidence of one Potters Wasp in my area and that was about a little over a year ago. I found one "pot" on the stem of a Butterfly Weed, out back of the apartment in a small field. It is amazing how those little wasps do that, fantastic works of art they are.

Woodswalker said...

We northerners stand the cold by wearing lots and lots and lots and lots of warm clothes. And by just adoring snow. Deep cold soft sparkly dry snow. Not mushy stuff. Not freezing rain. But yeah, it does last way too long.

swamp4me said...

Normally I notice only one or two "pots" over the course of the year. Perhaps I have become more attuned to them lately because I seem to be finding them all over the place.

I guess snow, good snow, would make it more bearable :) But you all have my undying respect -- I just don't think I would deal well with constant cold.

Marvin said...

Not sure I cold adapt to living any farther north either -- and I know I'd have to leave my wife behind.

I'm often amazed at how quickly the overwintering insects emerge when the weather warms up.

swamp4me said...

I will leave the cold to those intrepid souls who can deal with it :) And you're right, it is amazing how quickly insects stir. Turtles, too for that matter. I saw a couple of turtles sunning on logs that were in the open water areas of the icy pond. Tough critters!

KaHolly said...

Not all northerners adore the snow! At least not enough to make it any more bearable to live here! But then it's spring.......and it was worth it!

swamp4me said...

You do have some very pretty wildflowers up your way come spring.