Today's Favorite Finds

It was cold out today -- maybe not by Adirondack standards, but definitely by southern swamp standards. But cold or not, we ventured out to see what might be about. Not a lot as it turned out. However, there were two cool finds of the day.

My find was this bit of bobcat scat on the walkway. Needless to say, it is all gathered up now and residing in a plastic cup awaiting proper dissection. I know Ellen will understand ;) A cursory appraisal revealed the jaw bones of several rodents and a bird beak. Once I get all the parts separated I'll have a go at trying to ID some of the critters what got et.

Treebeard's sharp eye spotted this well camouflaged potter wasp nest on the trunk of a pawpaw tree. Not sure which species crafted this particular pot. If I can find it again I will try to keep an eye on it and see when the wasp emerges.
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They're predicting highs in the low 40s tomorrow. Please let them be right!!!


Pablo said...

We're hoping to get into the thirties tomorrow. A little warmth will help release the packed snow from my driveway.

KaHolly said...

Scat is one of my favorite finds! What fun! Just the idea of wild cats is a marvel.

jason said...

Isn't it terrible when we southerners are excited about temperatures in the 40s? Heck, for that matter we were just happy to hear it might get a degree or two above freezing. I like winter and all, but my old bones just aren't cut out for the arctic.

Don't tell my friends, but I'm always intrigued and excited when I find scat. It's a whole book of discoveries waiting to be read. Good find on both counts.

Anonymous said...

Scat is something that I have never bothered to look for and if I did, I probably would not know what I was looking for in the first place, lol! This is all new to me so I am learning something. I know that I have seen where scientific supply houses have Owl pellets, having been fumigated for dissection and I would imagine things such as that and scat would really keep one busy with the dissecting microscope. Interesting stuff.

swamp4me said...

We've got the cold, but have yet to see any snow :(

There are a couple of bobcats who regularly leave me "presents" on the walkway. Bet I don't see nearly as many rabbits this summer as I did last summer!

I am SO cold. Not cut out for this weather when it comes in such long stretches.
Don't worry, your secret is safe with me -- I won't tell anyone you're intrigued by scat ;)

Scat is a treasure trove when it comes to understanding more about a particular animal. You can determine so much from what an animal leaves behind!

Ellen Rathbone said...

Oooo - bobcat scat! Very exciting! And the potter wasp nest! I just learned about them last week over on another blog!

Love the new header photo, too!

Jenn said...

I did not know that bobcats ate bones whole like that. Looks more like owl scat to this untrained eye.

Do let us know if you find anything cool in there!

swamp4me said...

That was just one small section of the entire scat. It isn't unusual to find small bones and beaks in bobcat scat -- they don't chew their food very thoroughly.