Such a Conehead

Yet another image from Sunday's walk...

I nearly stepped on this katydid. Luckily the bright green against the tan of the beech and oak leaves caught my eye. She was moving very slowly and made no attempt to fly.

If you look through the wing you can see her long ovipositor.

Katydids have some serious mouthparts and they can give you quite a pinch if you're not careful. This one was too cold to do any biting.

Neoconocephalus retusus - Round-tipped Conehead
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KaHolly said...

Katydid, too? You're killing me!!

swamp4me said...

It was a surprise to see this one out and about. Everything that has been enjoying the warmer temps lately had better batten down -- we're expecting cold temperatures with the possibility of snow over the weekend!

jason said...

Great find. She's gorgeous! And I have to say she looks like she's taking a bow in that last photo. Cute!

swamp4me said...

You're right, she does look like she is taking a bow.

Marvin said...

I've seen a few insects during warm spells between cold fronts, but no katydids. Great find and photos.