Frogilicious Sunday




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Top two photos are of one of the cricket frogs we saw today. I love cricket frogs.

The next frog is most likely a bull frog. He was a long way from me and I had the camera zoomed out to maximum. We observed him through binoculars and did not detect the presence of a lateral fold extending beyond his ear. Also, he had a big, fairly blunt head.

The last frog is a green frog. Again, the camera was zoomed out to max. I stretched out on the (WET) ground to try to get a steady shot but wasn't too successful. Oh well, I don't really care -- I just wanted to show you the frog!! :)


Ontario Wanderer said...

Must be nice to have frogs so soon after the ice and snow you had. We are warm, i.e. at or above freezing during the day, but there is still a lot of winter to come.

Anonymous said...

Indeed it must be nice to see signs of life. I have a very small creek down below where I live but I have never seen any frogs there. Those are some really good photos there. I have often seen large bull frogs but never any small ones, I was curious about that band that runs just behind the frogs head as I have never seen that. The cricket frogs are new to me, never heard of them. Maybe this spring I might be somewhere where there are some frogs that I can photograph. : )

swamp4me said...

Winter isn't done with us yet either, but I hope we won't return to the super-cold we've experienced the last few weeks! This afternoon was very nice with partly sunny skies and temps in the upper 60s - good frog weather ;)

It was great outside this afternoon. Lots of birds, the frogs, and even turtles sunning on logs -- a very nice change after our recent weather.

Terry said...

I just discovered your blog. My Dad (deceased) was a naturalist in Western North Carolina. I live in Colorado and miss frogs, turtles and salamanders! It was so nice to find your blog and your beautiful photographs. Thanks!

Tom said...

this herp lover is JEALOUS!!!

Though, In about a month we'll be hopefully hearing the endemic Coqui species of Puerto Rico.


swamp4me said...

Welcome! Frogs are a favorite of mine and I feel fortunate to live in a place where they are abundant.

Puerto Rico, eh? Guess it's my turn to be jealous :)

jason said...

Frogs! I knew you'd be looking closely for them as soon as the weather warmed a tad. And it doesn't take much to get them out and about.

I'm totally with you on cricket frogs. Tiny little bundles of cuteness!

swamp4me said...

It's my frog OCD - I can't help myself ;) We heard quite a few spring peepers singing but didn't manage to sneak up on any of them. We did see southern leopard, green, bull, and cricket...pretty good for the middle of January.

Woodswoman Extraordinaire: said...

Oh how I miss the frogs in the winter! It seems like it will be forever until we see them again in Upstate New York. I'll just have to live vicariously through you until then. :)

swamp4me said...

We will strike a deal -- I provide frogs for you and you provide snow for me :)

Garden Lily said...

I can never look at too many frogs - they rank right up with dragonflies on my "favourite things" list.

swamp4me said...

garden lily,
My thoughts exactly! If you've got frogs and dragonflies, then life is good ;)