Slipped Past

Man, it's sad when you miss your own blog anniversary. My week was so busy it just slipped right past me. Oh well...happy 5th to me, a few days late.


jason said...

Om my goodness. Happy belated anniversary! (Or blogoversary or whatever the word is that's used in such cases.) Here's to many more good years of swampy fun and discovery!

swamp4me said...

Thanks! It's hard for me to believe that I've been at it for five years. It's been a good five years and I've "met" some really interesting people though this blog -- people like you :) Thanks for taking the time to stop by and see what's doing in the swamp and thanks for all the comments.

sweet bay said...

Happy Anniversary! You were on the cutting edge, starting to blog 5 years ago. :)

I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting your blog.

jojo said...

Happy 5th to you too!!! and i've been following almost that long!

swamp4me said...

sweet bay,
I'm glad you enjoy your visits here. Thanks for reading!!

Thanks. And give your goats a pat on the head for me ;)